How to Define a Keyword

The most difficult task for a keyword researcher is to understand how other people use the word in context. Although it may seem simple, it is not. It requires a thorough analysis of the word’s meaning and the relationships between words and concepts. This is especially challenging in socially complex vocabulary, where each word has several different senses. A proper understanding of the relationship between words is essential to creating a targeted strategy and a good marketing strategy.

The study of keywords began in the late 19th century with Michel Breal’s Semantics. In 1900, he published his influential Semantics, which was later translated by Henry Cust. Georges Matore later developed the concept of socially privileged key words in La methode de lexicologie du domaine francais (The Way of Words) and published a historical glossary in Culture and Society 1780-1950.

In 1976, Raymond Williams published his book Keywords, a list of words with a philological history. It was the first attempt to define a ‘keyword’. This book, subtitled ‘A Vocabulary of Culture and Society’, was a highly influential book. It used linguistic analysis and engaged with the contradictory uses of key words in contemporary debate. Ultimately, it helped spawn a new discipline of lexicology.

In the modern world, the meaning of keywords has shifted. It is a figurative expression that evokes special access to something. It is often used in the title of reference works in technical fields. These reference works focus on a few selected words, which are then headwords for entries. These words are assumed to have a special leverage in understanding the technical field. So, a ‘keyword’ can be a word with an abstract meaning, as a phrase that suggests a specific knowledge base.

Despite its figurative definition, a keyword is still an ‘advanced word’ in the context of a particular domain. In this case, a keyword can refer to a word in a domain that is already covered by the same dictionary. This article describes how to define a ‘keyword’ in this context. This term is also used in a more general sense: a ‘keyword’ is a ‘word’ in a specialized field.

‘Keyword’ is a figurative expression that evokes privileged access to something. For instance, a keyword might be a ‘keyword’ in a legal context. In a business context, it is a term that means a ‘keyword’ in linguistics. A ‘keyword’ can be anything in any field, even if it is only used in one language. This is the case for a specific domain or industry.

A ‘keyword’ is a term that is used to identify a product or a service. It is also used to describe a phrase or a person. It is important to consider the purpose of a keyword before using it. For example, a keyword can be a phrase that is used in a context to describe the product or service. If a person is searching for a particular concept, a ‘keyword’ is the word that identifies that specific topic.