The Different Types of Love

Love cannot be bought, sold, regulated, or legislated. It is a feeling and an attitude that is inseparable from oneself. There is no substance, mass, or energy output that can be quantified to define love. It cannot be possessed, marketed, or legislated. It is an experience that cannot be commodified or replicated. This is why it cannot be marketed or rationed.


The Greeks considered Agape to be the highest form of love. It is unconditional and does not change based on the actions of the person or thing. It is often described as a parent’s love for their children. It is a type of unconditional love. Regardless of the actions or attitudes of one partner toward another, a parent will always cherish their child with the same feeling. There is no compulsion or demand in this type of love, and it is not necessarily a sign of a mature relationship.

A love of a particular person is called infatuation. It is a strong emotional attachment. This kind of love is characterized by intense attraction and a strong desire for the person. The relationship may be short-lived, or it can become lasting. Then there is storge love, which is a more mature form of love. It emphasizes shared interests and closeness, and does not place much emphasis on physical attractiveness. It is also known as a loving bond between people who trust each other and are committed to each other.

A love of a person can be a complex combination of feelings. For example, an erotic relationship involves engaging in sex, and the relationship may last a very short time. However, it may be a difficult relationship to sustain. For this reason, many advocates of erotic love are comfortable with the idea of separating at the end of the relationship. A better form of love is storge. This type of love emphasizes similarities in interests and an open affection and places less emphasis on physical attractiveness. The individual is usually trusting, and does not rely on others.

Erotic love is focused on intense physical attraction without commitment. It may lead to a relationship that lasts for a lifetime. Infatuation often develops into passionate love. This type of love is characterized by feelings of longing and desire, requiring constant physical closeness. It is also a form of devotion. It is a deep and meaningful relationship. There are many different types of love. The best love is an enduring, passionate love that is based on mutual interest.

The feelings of love can be deep and complex. For example, infatuation is an intense form of attraction without a commitment. Infatuation is usually a very early stage of a relationship. Infatuation can lead to passion may lead to a relationship that lasts for years. Then there is storge love. During this phase, people are infatuated with a new person and feel deeply connected.