What is Keyword Research?

One of the key factors to success in online article marketing is finding keywords that effectively bring targeted visitors to your website. In online article marketing it’s not just about writing informative articles that solve a problem. It’s about finding keywords that readers use when searching for the information you have written. A good keyword search tool will identify keywords other authors are using to bring targeted visitors to their websites. Choosing the right keywords is one of the keys to success.


An index word, subject term, keyphrase, or descript, in content retrieval, is basically a short term phrase that capture the essence of an article. Keywords make up a natural way to categorize and classify information. In this day and age it’s important to make sense of massive amounts of data. The best way to do this is to create a database of high-value keywords that can be used in all kinds of databases and syndication systems.

What does all this have to do with keyword research? It’s very important. Choosing the right keywords is one of the keys to success. So lets say you have a website that sells gourmet pet care products. Your main keyword is pet care and you’re using a keyword tool to analyze the competition. You see in the competition you see that most of the hits come from just one word; this one word is an index term.

How do you match up your keyword with other similar phrases? The competition uses similar methods such as exact matching and broad matching. You want to find phrases within your database that are both highly searched for and are also well written. You want to create a keyword selection tool that allows you to find these phrases within other databases and also allows you to write custom ads. Writing custom ads based on your keyword research will help boost your ranking in both searches and ad formats.

The main thing you want to consider is how a word is used. Most common keywords are used as a singular phrase or as a two word series. So when you analyze keyword competition, make note of how many times each of your keywords appears and try to figure out how many words in those words make up your entire advertisement. This will tell you which keywords will rank you best.

How do you optimize your site? A great way to optimize your site for the search engines is to use meta tags and title optimization. Another great way to optimize is to use long tails or long string keywords. These will be much more difficult to optimize but will give you a better return on your investment. So what are you waiting for? Stop wasting time doing keyword research and start optimizing your website today.

Do You Know What Love Is?

Love encompasses a wide range of both physical and psychological states, from the strongestest spiritual virtue or good deed, to the easiest personal pleasure, to the most tranquil meditation. Love is that which surrounds us, not with a distance as distance does the moon, but with closeness as if our very hearts are wrapped around that which we wish to share with another. Love is that which we use on ourselves, not to draw close to another as do flowers, candy, or a warm fire, but because it brings us utter joy when it is returned. It is the very essence of our being, for without love our very being would quickly perish.


The first step in loving life is finding that special quality which qualifies to be called your love language. This is not necessarily a certain quality of behavior, however such as being kind and giving, but to me it seems more important to find that quality which allows us to feel complete as people, for without feeling complete we are not functioning at our best. This quality can also be a daily routine, as in daily spending time together, walking together, or just simply enjoying a quality time together. It can be any small shared experience. It is when we can feel all that we have done and said to each other that is the love language and it allows us to build on our past experiences and build on future experiences so that we can feel complete in our present moment.

When you can feel your love language, then you are well on your way to loving someone else. If you can feel all the good strong emotions that you get when you are loved, you will learn how to put those positive emotions into action and truly experience them rather than trying to suppress them or push them away. Your love language is what your heart feels like when it opens up to receive loving care from another person. It includes all the good thoughts, pleasant memories, and strong emotions that you have experienced in the past and now in the present moment. Your love language is not about how you think or feel right now, but how you feel when you love another person. Your feelings are always changing as you grow and mature.

Another positive emotion that you feel when you are in love is a sense of well-being. This emotional feeling is derived from your overall well-being as a person. If you feel well-being, then you are at peace in your mind and body. Being at peace helps with all your relationships including your romantic relationships. The more you focus on being at peace, the more your thoughts, feelings, and emotions become positive.

Love does not need to mean that you are having affection in a romantic relationship. Love can also be a source of well-being and a source of happiness. In addition, love can be a source of being financially comfortable. Love does not need to mean you are having an intimate relationship with another person in order to enjoy all the positive emotions of being well-informed, emotionally secure, physically healthy, and financially successful.

When you are in love, you are in alignment with your higher power. Your instincts, thoughts, and feelings are in harmony as your higher power provides you with the guidance you need to make the decisions that will support your dreams. Your dreams can become reality because you are in alignment with the desires of your higher power. The love you have for another person can become a pathway to happiness because that other person accepts and understands you for who you are.