How to Get Your Webpage to Show Up on Google, Yahoo, Bing and All Other Search Engines Easily

A query term, a subject word, topic word, or topic title, in text extraction, is an abstract term that captures the basic nature of an item. Topic terms form a controlled vocabulary for usage in reference bibliographic records. In e-prints, topic terms are used to indicate a topic of particular interest. Using the term “subject word” will help you keep things separated for the purpose of organization and retrieval.


It is not that the word count in keyword extraction varies with the purpose of the search. Keyword counts are not meant to be all-encompassing or exact. Some approaches to keyword extraction assume that the text and source texts should be precisely documented in terms of their intended uses and quantities. The word count on the other hand, refers to the total number of words used in researching, as well as the number of times these words appear throughout the whole document. When calculating the intent of the document as represented by its volume of indexed words, the word count is disregarded.

The purpose of this illustration is to show how word frequency changes with the purpose of the search. In essence, when the people searching for information change the keywords they use, the results (and hence the keyword density) do as well. A good keyword tool can help you understand the changing patterns in the volume of search results, which can help you understand how the people searching for information change their search intent.

Traffic Potential – The higher the keyword density in your document, the more traffic potential it will generate. The idea is to use the best keywords to draw the attention of visitors. If a website has a low amount of keyword traffic potential, chances are, people won’t be interested in what the site has to offer. The importance of a good keyword tool lies in making sure your web pages have sufficient amount of keyword traffic potential.

Frequency – Keywords appear more frequently in search engines, which drives up the value of the primary keyword as well. It’s important to remember that the primary keywords used in building your web pages are what determine the actual rank of your page within the search engines. As such, it is important to make sure you are ranking for the right keywords. Google suggests using the primary keyword over one hundred times in the text and between one hundred and three hundred times in the headings and images.

It is also important to remember that some phrases will appear more times in the results page than others. This is simply because of the way search engine algorithms work. For example, if you were looking for information on “how to grow plants,” you would most likely enter the term “how to grow plants” in the search engine. If the same information were typed into the phrase “grow plants” the result would be different as the search engine will not be interested in the word “how to grow plants” and so the phrase “grow plants” will appear more often.