Are You Loving Someone Else? Do You Feel Like You Are In Love?

The art of love is to live life with enthusiasm and delight in every moment, without compromising our ethical and moral code. Love embraces a whole range of positive and strong emotional and psychological states, from the deepest humanest spiritual virtue to the easiest mundane pleasure, the highest personal belonging, or the best possible physical experience. In all its dimensions love delights the soul, leaves no room for weakness or boredom, and transcends both time and space. A life of love is passionate, radiant, generous, forgiving and joyous.

When love is spoken of it conjures up images of sunshine and flowers, happy times and warm family relationships. However, as the word suggests, love is much more than these things – it involves a complex web of emotions that can be confusing, sometimes conflicting and at other times even painful. Love involves two basic but distinguishable feelings: joy or happiness, and affection or passion. To experience love you must know how to love yourself and others. This is one of the first steps towards establishing a relationship that will bring you many rewards.

You must feel confident that you love yourself and others so that you will be able to express them fully. Expressing your feelings in a healthy relationship means that you are not held back by negative feelings, but rather can freely and passionately love yourself and others. When you can express your passion and delight about being in a relationship, this is known as the love language. People who can communicate effectively in the love language are happier and more fulfilled in their relationships.

Loving yourself and others is a key to creating a fulfilling relationship. You can be absolutely sure that you are in a relationship when you feel complete, confident, secure and loved. Unconditional love is the foundation for all kinds of relationships. It doesn’t matter if the relationship is romantic love, loving friendship or a committed and loving long-term relationship; unconditional love is the foundation for all relationships.

Romantic love means you express your love and attention to someone else by being attentive, tender, compassionate, romantic and appreciative. This kind of love means that you give without expecting anything in return. In order to have a satisfying romantic relationship you must learn to let go of controlling your feelings of desire and need for the object of your affections. If you do this you will move from being in love to being in the state of being deeply in love.

Being in the state of being deeply in love allows you and your loved one to fully experience each other’s presence and soul. You feel like they are a part of you, and share in your life and emotions. You can let go of your need to control your feelings and allow them to flow free – which will ultimately make you feel like you can love someone else without controlling your own feelings. To feel like this is happening within your relationship is important because it means you are on the path towards creating a healthy relationship.