Keyword Optimization for SEO

One of the most important factors in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the ability to discover and use keywords as well as phrases in a way that benefits your website. The discovery of keywords and the selection of appropriate ones for a particular web page can be a time consuming process. Keyword tools provide a list of synonyms of each keyword and phrases. A synonym is a word that is similar in meaning but not necessarily identical to an existing word. In data retrieval, a keyword or subject phrase, in keyword searching, is usually a single word that captures the theme of an article.

Subject heading, subject names, or topic terms, in keyword searching, is an term that captures and includes the essence of an article. Topic terms, which are also called headers, make up a more controlled vocabulary for the purpose of use in electronic databases. It is easy to decipher, and is often a good indicator of the intended meaning of a given document. Generally, it is wise to use topic headers to aid in the ranking of an article. If a significant amount of search volume is generated for a given keyword, the subject heading will help determine the ranking of the article based upon the search volume generated for that keyword.

Another aspect of keyword selection is to understand the people searching. Keyword research shows that most people searching for information do so without an underlying theme. The people searching the web are interested in one thing: reaching a destination. Understanding the people searching helps you decide what they want to find and help them find it.

Once you understand how people search and understand their intent, you can optimize your site accordingly. Keyword and meta description tools provided with the directory can optimize your web page, blog, and email. If your site is currently ranked well in a search engine, then this will serve to increase traffic to your site. The best way to optimize your web page is to optimize your meta description.

Meta descriptions should be written around your keyword ideas. Since there are thousands of phrases and keywords being used in searches, you need to choose the best keywords based upon the search volumes being produced. A keyword search volume will rank your page based upon how many other pages have been found with that phrase. Using relevant phrases will result in more keyword clicks, and a better rank.

It is important to realize that meta description search engine optimization does not stop with keyword suggestion. You must incorporate your keyword phrases within the meta description itself. For instance, if you write a blog post about chicken wings and write a meta description about “chicken wings tips,” chances are a large number of blogs will link to your site. Search engines will also rank your page because “chicken wing tips” is a more relevant keyword than “chicken.” Therefore, it is necessary to rank your web page based upon the keyword combination.