How Do We Find Our True Love?

What is love? Love is an emotion that affects us on many levels, touching all of our senses. It transcends gender, race, ethnicity and creed. Love encompasses a broad range of positive and negative emotional and psychological states, from the deepest personal bliss, the greatest ideal, to the easiest pleasure.

On a day-to-day level we all experience love: being loved by a sweet sixteen year old, being loved by our spouse, being loved by our friend. However, for those rare few who have it all, it is the feeling of being loved for who you truly are-emotionally, spiritually, intimately and universally. Love is a state of being at ease with one’s self. It is the feeling of knowing that you are complete, like a well-oiled machine, able to accomplish anything you set your mind to. The sensation of complete and absolute peace-no more thoughts of unfinished business, no more fears of failure, no more anxieties about the future.

Love is a state of complete and utter happiness that encompasses all aspects of our being. Love produces a unique kind of euphoria-a powerful sense of bliss, a heightened sense of happiness that can only be equated with another person. On a spiritual level, when we are in passionate love relationships we are at once gaining access to our divine source of power and infinite wisdom, as well as gaining access to our intimate partner/s for the purpose of creating a union of mind, body and spirit.

On the physiological level, being in romantic love has many physical benefits. Oxygen is released, blood flows more freely, heart rate slows down, stress hormone levels drop, and other positive emotions are released. Also, during this state we are relaxed and energetic. This allows us to be drawn toward another person in a very natural and instinctive fashion.

It is also interesting to note that we often think of finding true love when we are feeling unloved or not loved by anyone in particular. In reality, when we are in this state of romance, we are actually feeling and radiating love for ourselves. It is this love that causes our hearts to beat faster and more deeply than normal. It is this surge of love that can draw others to us, it is this energy that can move mountains, and in the end, make us feel like we made the right choice when we decided to find our own true love.

In conclusion, we can find true love when we are inspired by our own desire to find it. When we are inspired to find love, we can let go of any fear we may have of making the wrong choice, and follow our intuition. If we have a good sense of intuition then we can also attract our true love into our life just like a magnet. As long as we stay true to ourselves, to who we are, and to our passions, then we can find love anywhere. If we can find passion within ourselves then we will attract the passion of our relationship with someone special.