High Stakes Poker and Queen’s Ball – Have A Great Time At The Bar


High Stakes Poker and Queen’s Ball – Have A Great Time At The Bar

Queen Elizabeth’s ball was one of her most popular functions held to celebrate her reign. Built in the early 1870s it is the oldest ballroom in Auckland for male social events, ballrooms, musical evenings and even sometimes ladies’ roller skating events. It was also referred to as the “Queen’s Balls” due to the fact that Queen Elizabeth would hold many balls at this location.

The “Queen’s Balls” had been transformed into an annual event by the time that the current Queens took over the throne of her father King George V in 1953. It was then changed again in to a more suitable form of entertainment for female Royalty, in order that both the old and the new form of the ball could be accommodated. These changes included: the addition of “live” jazz bands (with their own dance routines) and a longer music hour than had been the case previously. A more suitable dress code was also introduced along with: a shorter skirt for ladies and a longer black and white gown for the gentlemen. These changes marked the evolution of the “Queen’s Ball” from a much-loved social event into an evening of ball games, which included classic such as “the twist” and “box”. But “a lot of fun” must have been added to the name over the years.

“Queen’s Balls” are now held in both New Zealand and Australia, but the “Queen’s Ball” tradition is deeply rooted in New Zealand. With such a deep rooted tradition and association with the “ball” as an important social function, it should come as no surprise that “Queen’s Balls” and “High Stakes Poker” have a close relationship and have evolved into one and the same. The same goes for “High Stakes Poker”, which has deep roots in New Zealand and is regularly referred to as ” Queens Poker” by locals.

When deciding which game of chance you are going to play at your next social gathering or casino getaway, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Who are the guests? Will there be a special theme? What sort of atmosphere do I want to create? Do I prefer a fun environment where there will be plenty of laughter and hearty competition or would I rather have a quieter, more formal atmosphere with just business acquaintances and clients? Are my goals realistic and do they match my personality?

In many ways “Queen’s Ball” has evolved into “High Stakes Poker”. Where the guests are mostly there for business reasons, some of them have come to enjoy the social aspect of the ball. They may have won the “lottery” and need to spend some time with a few “old friends” or perhaps they met “a nice guy” at the “ball”. Either way, high stakes poker can be a great way to loosen up, have a good time, and maybe meet someone special!

So, the next time you are at a high stakes casino try something different. You might be surprised how much you enjoy it. It is great exercise as well! And, of course, who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself asking to play again sometime soon. Until then, enjoy the experience!