What Is the Purpose of Ball Bearings?

A ball is basically a round oblong object with different purposes. In ball games, the sport of ball play follows the movement of the ball when it’s being thrown, kicked or hit. Balls are also used for easier activities, like juggling or catch. While many people think that balls are simple balls made out of polyethylene terephthalate, it’s important to note that balls have many layers. This article will give you an overview of ball types.


One of the main parts of a ball is its ball bearings. The ball bearings can be described as two flat disks attached to each other with a shaft. Due to the force applied, the ball bearings are able to rotate. The shaft attached to the ball bearings rotates with the force and this causes friction between the ball and the shaft.

There are four types of ball bearings, which include the following: radial ball bearing, elliptical ball bearing, the case seal ball bearing and the hydraulic ball bearing. Each has its own particular characteristic, which makes each a good choice for a certain type of sport. radial ball bearing has low friction and high strength while the elliptical ball bearing has high strength and low friction.

Another aspect of ball bearings is their material. Materials like steel, plastic and titanium ball bearings are used in high-end products and more often than not used in sports equipment. However, steel and plastic ball bearings tend to be expensive, meaning they are usually used in lower end products. On the contrary, titanium ball bearings are lightweight and strong. It’s common to find them in military equipment. Due to its lightweight properties, titanium is commonly used in tennis racquets and golf clubs.

There are two types of ball bearings available in the market today which include axial loads and radial loads. While axial loads use radial bearings in one axis, radial loads use an axial load in both axes. If you have heavy loads that needs to be supported, axial bearings are great for you. Meanwhile, if you want your equipment to have high torque, you can use radial bearings.

In addition to using ball bearings, there are also other materials that can be used such as steel ball bearings. Steel ball bearings tend to be less expensive than ceramic ones. The main reason behind this is that steel does not degenerate or rust unlike ceramic bearings. It also tends to wear out quickly. Also, steel bearings tend to be more durable than ceramic ones. However, since it’s more expensive, you need to be careful in choosing the appropriate size and number of bearings to ensure maximum performance.