Love and Friendship


Love and Friendship

“Love is the belief that two people are perfect complements of each other”. This popular idiom has been used so much in our day that it has been turned into a cliche. However, love encompasses a wide range of all positive and strong psychological and emotional states, from the most absolute virtue or ideal relationship, the most profound interpersonal love, to the easiest pure fun. All our relationships have their foundation on love. Love is the source of our being human. In fact, without love there will be no human being, for without our basic emotional and psychological needs, life will cease to exist.

The most fundamental of human needs are the need for food and clothing, the need for security, the need for love and affection. These need are fulfilled through our intimate relationships. Love and romantic love are the key ingredient for the very foundation of relationships. The feelings of love and intimacy are the emotions which help to balance the negative energies of our innermost essence, and by balancing these energies, we help to bring about balance in our relationships.

The essence of love means being loved and cherished by your partner. Love means that you will always find ways and means to be expressive of your feelings, even if your partner does not reciprocate. It also means that when you feel hurt, you do not let your partner off the hook, but rather, you take time to apologize and show your concern. Love also means that you will express your joy at your partner’s accomplishments and be with him or her to compliment his/her good qualities, and not be critical of their choices and actions.

All the aspects of romantic love are important. The emotional, physical, spiritual feelings all play an important part in the expression of love. The other person’s satisfaction is also an essential ingredient. If you are in a relationship where one of you are less happy with your partner than you would like to be, it is possible that the less happy partner may also have a negative impact on your feelings of love for him/her. Thus, you must work together to find ways and means of changing the inner dynamics of the relationship in order to bring it closer to what you truly want.

There are many different types of relationships. Some of them are intimate relationships such as marriages and relationships between couples. However, other types of relationships are more like friendship relationships. Friendship love requires equal attention, understanding and caring from both partners. Sometimes, one partner may need to remind the other partner about the things that he/she has done to him/her.

However, all of us have some degree of affection in us. This is what makes us human, and is part of what makes us human. People who are drawn to one another through shared affection are people who are bound by a bond of unconditional love. Those who are drawn to one another because they share only the intimacy and affection, without any form of affection or connection are people who are not bound by any bonds of love. It is these latter type of people who sometimes have trouble being in loving relationships and who therefore end up seeking out companionship or even relationships that have no emotional element whatsoever.