Love Advice For Those Who Have Been Rejected

Love encompasses a broad range of both physical and emotional states, from absolute good and pure happiness, to the highest intimate sexual experience, to the easiest pure fun. Love is often described as the state of total connection and oneness between two people or more like a divine energy field that connects all people equally regardless of race, religion or culture. A popular saying is that love is the way we find our God. However, what is love really?


Love between two people occurs when two people share the same physical contact, such as kissing, hugging, touching, laughing, talking and even one another’s body during affectionate acts. Physical intimacy is considered to be any interaction involving two bodies that leaves both feeling fulfilled. When this occurs, then love is likely to occur. It does not happen by itself without any emotional connection, but when it does, romantic love or intimacy is usually a byproduct of love.

Love between two people is a unique experience for each individual. If you are in a relationship that is loving and fulfilling, then you are likely to experience many positive emotions. These positive emotions can include having a heightened sense of self-worth, the excitement of becoming familiar with another person and falling deeper into romance. All of these feelings are very natural, which explains why many people feel a deep level of intimacy in their relationships, however some people may not be able to relate to or feel love for their significant other because of past hurts.

Healthy love means that you are able to recognize, understand and share your own feelings with your partner. Romantic love means that you are able to listen to and share your partner’s feelings without being defensive, needy, jealous or controlling. Healthy love also means that you are not constantly thinking about your partner. You are able to let your relationships and interactions be uneventful and focus on building a strong connection with your partner.

One way to help foster a healthy love relationship is to be open and honest with your partner when it comes to sharing your needs, expectations and desires. Love language is another important way to ensure that your love is strong. Love language refers to your unique body language that communicates your innermost thoughts and emotions. A common love language is often displayed through your facial expression, voice and hand gestures. People who have an abundance of love language are typically considered more attractive and confident.

It is important to realize that when you truly trust someone you are putting yourself out there so they will feel like they can trust you as well. When you place yourself out there, you will draw the admiration of others because of how emotionally connected you feel to them. If you find someone who you truly feel strongly about and want to be with but you have been rejected, then you must take action and learn how to move on. Your actions should be guided by your desire to become free from any negative feeling and start to feel like your true self again.