How to Rank For the Most Relevant, Most Searched For Keywords


How to Rank For the Most Relevant, Most Searched For Keywords

A key phrase, index word, subject word, topic term, or other specified term, in research retrieval, is an easily identifiable term with the subject of a particular document. Index terms constitute a well-defined and controlled vocabulary for use by the researcher in the context of an individual study. As opposed to a single indexed term such as the subject word, which can be a randomly selected word from a list, a well-defined and consistent topic is much more important for the researcher in the selection of words to use for the specific studies under study. It is also much easier for the researcher to conduct meaningful research based on his/her topic.

The most important factor for the researcher selecting keywords is obviously to find topics and keywords with high search volume. This is because these keywords would provide the most opportunities for ranking in search volumes and also have a large enough distribution to allow the selection of many related topics. Hence, it is very important for the researcher to specify the main aim of the research, i.e. general concept or theme, state of the art and technique, product, and/or service.

Search volume is the number of times a keyword or keywords are searched throughout a month on a particular topic or over all selected topics in a given period of time. In this regard, it is also important to note that a keyword phrase with low search volume would not necessarily equate to low ranking. The opposite could be true too. Hence, it is necessary for the researcher to specify the exact keyword with high search volume but with low ranking to avoid false conclusions.

Another important factor for choosing keywords for keyword difficulty is the quality of links. Poorly-written articles and press releases often do not meet the standards set by search engines. Hence, the importance of link building becomes evident when the targeted keyword has little or no competition. In fact, this is where the term “link building” differs from the other aspects of keyword analysis.

With the above said things in mind, the researcher would definitely want to rank for the keyword or keywords having the highest search volume but with low to moderate ranking due to low to moderate search volume. This is where the link popularity comes into play to increase the traffic potential of the website. It is recommended that the keyword or keywords being investigated should have very low competition for the particular area of interest. If the keyword phrases with low competition have a good amount of traffic potential, then it will definitely help in increasing the traffic potential of the website.

The above stated are the major factors that need to be considered while researching for the most effective keyword tool. In addition to these factors, it is also important to rank the most appropriate topical long-tail keywords. The topical long-tail keywords are those having the fewest number of searches within a specific area of interest. With a little research and a good keyword tool, it is easy to rank for the most relevant and highly searched keywords.