Is Love Just Positive Emotions?

Love is not about a feeling inside my heart. I cannot love until I feel it in my heart. But most people do not experience love on a physical level, they experience love on a mental or emotional level. Love is one of the few subjects that many of us are confused about; yet the truth is love is of the highest spiritual level.


Love is the highest form of human emotion and the one that provides the greatest opportunity for human growth. Love encompasses a multitude of positive and powerful emotional and even mental states, from the sublime emotional state, the strongest communal bonding, to the simplest joy. Just like one can experience happiness in the company of some one whom one cherishes, one can also experience un requited love from another person, which is the purest form of love. Un requited love is the purest form because it was not intended by the one who is in love to receive anything in return.

The most important thing about unconditional love is that it is not a matter of obligation or contract, rather it is the purest form of love which arises from a free and spontaneous practice of love. There are no demands, there are no strings attached, there are no selfish motives, there are only pure hearts with a desire to make the other feel loved. I speak of this from experience, as I have been in the company of many individuals who have practiced this form of love. I have spoken about my desire to be loved in terms of my ability to love myself and others. I want to ask all the single people on this planet to practice love in their relationships and build truly healthy relationships so that we can all thrive, and grow, and enjoy our individual relationships to the fullest.

It has been my experience that most relationships start off as friendships, and then, if these strong feelings develop quickly and strongly, without any resistance from the side of the individual who is the subject of the love, these strong feelings may develop into an attraction for one another very quickly. It is also my experience that those individuals who begin their search for their life’s perfect partner, often will feel a strong attraction for someone outside their own relationship, which creates yet another obstacle to overcome. If you are in such a situation, please know that you are not alone and you can find your partner.

It has often involved with my personal development, and even my marriage relationships, that I have realized that there are powerful forms of attraction which are just out of my control. For instance, I often engages in the physical contact which is the foundation of attraction, but which my mind does not respond favourably to, and which therefore does not awaken the love and affection which I want to experience. I find that by making the choice to practice EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), which is a free and natural form of affection and love, I am able to attract all the love and affection which I desire from my partner. It has also involved with my spiritual growth, that I have come to discover that there are times when love and affection for another individual is not an option but a necessity.

These types of experiences have also lead me to discover that true love often involves the health of our relationships. I am now a much healthier, happier person, because I have learned how to release negative emotions and concentrate on the positive emotions which I desire to experience. I believe that true love includes the ability to connect to our innermost essence, and to connect to a higher power, which can assist us to transform our lives. I believe that love includes the ability to make someone feel fulfilled in their own life.