Can Love Cause Divorce?

The word “love” can mean many things. At it’s most basic level, love is the emotion associated with the bonding or connection between two people. In its more complex form, love is also an act or desire that produces a result. In its most refined sense, love is the desire for a mate or partner to have a long-term relationship and spend their lives together. It may involve caring, sharing, adoration, intimacy, loyalty, and acceptance.


There are many forms of love; they include romantic love, platonic love, emotional love, family love, and sexual love. Romantic love is the most common form of love and involves feelings of caring and sharing that occur without any physical intimacy between two lovers. It is often described as “the flame of love.” In romantic love, there is usually a feeling of delight when another person joins a lover’s love life.

Most platonic relationships are formed by friendships, relationships that are built on a shared experience of being in love, or a deep shared interest in a particular topic or activity. These types of relationships usually result in a deep friendship between two people who know each other well and share feelings of friendship for each other. A platonic relationship can be as meaningful as any other relationships, but the closeness and emotional depth of these relationships tend to be less profound and last longer than other forms. platonic relationships do not typically evolve into more intimate relationships.

Most people confuse romantic love and sexual intimacy. Although most people can fall in love and experience great feelings of romance toward another person, these experiences are different from being sexually attracted to someone. Most couples experience some degree of sexual attraction when they are apart from one another, but that sexual attraction is fleeting and does not include a strong or committed feeling. A person cannot develop romantic love or any other form of strong feelings for another person if their relationship is based on a transactional basis. In these cases, feelings of love and feelings of attraction are felt but not realized or desired.

In relationships that develop over time, feelings of love develop into feelings of devotion and dedication to a partner. Love becomes a commitment to being together and becoming one’s best self. This is because all of a relationship’s growth happens under the blanket of unconditional love between two people. Two people come together and become one in the feeling of love, rather than based on anything else. The more a couple cares about each other, the more their love and commitment to grow and thrive.

Regardless of what type of relationship develops between two people, there will always be a sense of closeness. This is because all relationships, regardless of how different they may be, share some core elements. When one element wanes or is removed, however, this can cause a difference in the quality of the relationship and its eventual end.