Importance of Keyword Research in SEO and SEM

An index term, in data retrieval, is a word that captures the overall nature of an item. In data retrieval, an index term is a word or set of words that represent the overall subject of a particular document or record. For instance, the subjects of books in a reference book, newspapers in a newspaper, and the subjects of scientific articles in a scientific journal are all index terms. Index terms also make up a more organized vocabulary for use in electronic data retrieval.


In Internet search engines, the terms of the indexed terms come before the actual keyword. It is thus important to ensure that your search engines to get your keyword as close to the first or second position as possible. One way to achieve this is to include as many index terms as possible in your title. Make sure you do not misspell the index term. Incorrect spelling of an index word can result in irrelevant results page or an error message being displayed instead of a relevant search results page.

Keyword optimization is the process of optimizing a website or web page based on the search engines. Keyword optimization refers to optimizing a webpage for better search engine ranking. The main objective of search engine optimization is to achieve higher rankings for relevant keywords in search results. Keyword optimization helps to achieve specific keywords ranking for specific keywords and sub-keywords.

There are several things that need to be considered in keyword research. Among these things are the competition level, number of searches performed for the selected keyword, and number of pages that have used the selected keyword. The importance of these factors is often underestimated. The competition level is the first thing to consider. It is better to select targeted keywords instead of generalities. This will help in identifying the best general keywords that are often underused resulting in wastage of marketing efforts.

Another important factor in keyword research is the number of pages that have used the selected keyword. Page analysis plays an important role in determining the right keywords for a webpage. A page analysis is an important step in determining the right keywords for your website. When you do this, you must ensure that your selected keywords are popular keywords. If not, the page may fail to meet its purpose.

The next step is identifying the intent of the user or searcher. Intended users determine what the search engines are looking for. Some of them are looking for information, while some are looking for shopping. Knowing the intent of the users will help in finding the right keywords. For instance, when searching on search engines like Google or Yahoo, the intent of the user is determined such that the user is looking for information about a product or service.